Employee Development

Mission Statement 

Seattle Central College recognizes that holistic approaches to learning and development have transformative potential for both the college and for individual employees. To that end, Seattle Central College promotes institutional goals and effectiveness by supporting and funding individual and group development opportunities that are grounded in skill, knowledge, and connection. Please read the EDC Bylaws for more information.

Current Priorities

  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Outcomes and assessment for instruction

Current Committees

  • Employee Development Committee
  • Development Day Planning Committee
  • Classified Development Advisory Committee
  • Lockwood Grant Application Review Committee
  • President's Fund Grant Application Review Committee


Funds for Professional Development 

  • Faculty awards are supported by the Lockwood Endowment and are available up to $2000.
  • Staff and administrator awards are supported by the President’s Fund and are available up to $1000.
  • CDAC awards are supported by the Classified Development Advisory Committee and are available up to $300.

Teaching and Learning Commons

The Teaching and Learning Commons (TLC) is located in Room 2101-P of the Broadway Edison Building (inside the Library). Get help with applications, discuss new ideas, explore alternative delivery methods, check out laptops and equipment, and consult with instructional designers. We are dedicated to the development of our faculty and staff.

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