Records & Transcripts

Both the official and the unofficial transcripts contain the same information about a student's academic record at Seattle Central: a chronological list of classes, grades, and credits.

Official Transcript

An official transcript includes the Registrar's signature, the Seattle Central seal, and the date it was issued. An official transcript is delivered in a sealed envelope, which should not be opened by anyone except the addressee. It is a legal document. There is a fee of $7.50 for each official copy. Online transcript requests carry an additional $2.90 for each official copy.

Unofficial Transcript

An unofficial transcript is the student's academic record without signature, seal, date, or sealed envelope. There is no fee for an unofficial transcript.

Current students, and/or students who attended Seattle Central or SVI after Fall Quarter 2014, please click here for instructions about how to access your unofficial transcript through ctcLink.

For those who attended Seattle Central College or Seattle Vocational Institute through the Fall quarter, 2014 and not beyond that time, please select the following link to request an unofficial transcript: Order Unofficial Transcripts - Central - Formstack.

Requesting Transcripts

Request an official transcript when you send it to another academic institution; a government agency; a bank; an employer; or you need legal proof of your academic record. Request an unofficial transcript when a legal document is not necessary, such as for your personal files.

You can access and download your unofficial transcripts are free. Learn more about how to request your official transcripts