Learning Support & Tutoring

Students often need extra help learning difficult concepts or practicing skills. Seattle Central provides all students with free learning support and tutoring in a variety of subjects, including writing, math, science, humanities, business, foreign languages and more.

You will be tutored by faculty, staff and fellow students, who are dedicated to providing effective academic support to improve comprehension, increase competence, instill confidence and promote success.

Where to find help

You can get assistance in three primary ways:

  • By appointment: Book through Starfish
  • Drop-in: No appointment is necessary, just stop by whenever the location is open
  • Online: e–Tutoring can provide help any time, day or night

In-person help is available at several locations throughout campus:

  • BE Learning Center: BE2102
  • The SAM Learning Center (Science and Math): SAM100
  • Bruce McKenna Writing Center: Library Classroom A
  • Program-specific tutoring: Certain programs offer tutoring for students