High School

Get a head start on your college career

Seattle Central offers programs that allow eligible high school students to take courses and earn college credit while still in high school. This can save you and your family valuable time and money as you pursue a college education after high school.

Running Start

You can get a head start on your college education while still in high school, and get on a fast track to reaching your ultimate career goals. Running Start gives qualified 11th or 12th grade students the opportunity to take credit classes at Seattle Central. You'll receive both college and high school credit for these classes, and tuition is paid by the state.

CTE Dual Credit

CTE Dual Credit is a technical program, which will prepare you for high demand jobs. It enables you to get community college credit for approved high school classes, then continue on to the technical college program of your choice in the Seattle Community Colleges. You may enter the program as early as the ninth grade. For more information, talk to your counselor or career center specialist.

International Programs

Though not a high school, Seattle Central College offers several unique opportunities for current high school students to experience studying abroad on an American college campus. We offer a variety of programs for high school students. Learn more about options for International Students.

Earn your High School Equivalency

Not currently enrolled in high school, but need help finishing? Seattle Central offers many options to help you reach your goals.

Learning Center Seattle

Free tuition for 16 - 21 year old students. Earn your GED and up to an A.A. degree or technical training certificate tuition-free until you are 21.

GED Preparation

For individuals 18 and older who would prefer testing or who need a credential quickly.

High School+ (Formerly High School 21+)

For students over the age of 18. Get credit for what you know and have already accomplished. This program includes credit for work and life experiences to complete high school requirements.

High School Completion

Reduced college tuition for students 19 and older. Complete your high school diploma in a college setting, substituting college classes for remaining high school requirements.

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