Placement for Classes

When you attend College, the phrase “placement for classes” means that you and the College are figuring out what level of coursework you qualify for, so that you succeed at the right level.

You can use various documents or tests to determine your placement, and you have the right to be placed at the highest level of any of the items you choose. There are many options, so please check this list to see if you can save time by using any earlier tests or work for your placement in English and math.

Some programs Seattle Central have specific placement test score requirements. For instance, many programs require readiness for English 101. You should check these requirements carefully. If you don't meet the program requirements, you will be placed in classes to help build your skills.

Placement Testing Hours

During COVID-19, the Testing Office has moved to remote operations.  English and math placement testing is available online, at least until normal operations can resume. Staff are monitoring messages, and are available to help answer questions at


Beginning March 25, 2020, English assessment is given online.

This is not a test, but more of a survey of your abilities. You choose the English class that is right for you.

It does not have a time limit, but typically takes about 20 minutes. There is no fee at this time. You will receive your results by email after completion.

The Testing Office will also receive your results by email, and will usually upload them to your student file the next business day.


Beginning March 25, 2020, the ALEKS PPL math placement test will be given online. The time limit is 2 hours. The fee for the test (~$20+tax) is paid online, directly to the ALEKS company.  The fee includes one initial test, and one re-test, plus access to the study materials system for 1 year.

  • You may re-take the test only one time.
  • You will see your score immediately, and can print it.
  • We will receive it electronically, and will usually add it to your record the next business day.
  • If you are taking the test to transfer to another school, you are responsible for sending them a copy of your results.  (For instance, if you are applying to South Seattle College, you should scan/email a copy to ; or North Seattle College, to  Check with your school for the correct process or email.

**Step-by-step instructions here (pdf).

NEW CLASS CODE UPDATE ON 1/18/2021: 6T6UM-QWTKA. Please use for all new ALEKS accounts for 2021. If you have problems with ALEKS, please contact Customer Service & Technical Support at (714) 619-7090.

Disability Testing Accommodations

The Accessibility Resource Center  can provide academic accommodations for students with a documented permanent or temporary disability. To contact someone in the Accessibility Resource Center  please use the information below:

Hours, Location and Contact Info

8 a.m. ‐ 4:30 p.m. (M‐F)
Broadway Campus BE1103 206.934.4183
Cebrina Chavez, Director
Linda Bruton, Interpreter Coordinator
Hamdi Abdirahman,  Front Office 
Seth Daphne Esmeson, Office Support