Placement for Classes

When you place for classes, that means you and the College are figuring out what level of coursework you qualify for, so that you succeed at the right level.

You can use various documents or tests to determine your placement, and you have the right to be placed at the highest level of any of the items you choose. There are many options, so please check this list to see if you can save time by using any earlier tests or work for your placement in English and math.

Some programs Seattle Central have specific placement test score requirements. For instance, many programs require readiness for English 101. You should check these requirements carefully. If you don't meet the program requirements, you will be placed in classes to help build your skills.

Placement Testing Hours

During COVID-19, the Testing Office has moved to remote operations.  English and math placement testing is available online, at least until normal operations can resume. Staff are monitoring messages, and are available to help answer questions at


The English Directed Self-Placement tool is offered online and is a free and simple method to help you decide which English class if right for you. This is not a test, but a survey of your abilities. You choose the English class that is right for you. The placement tool does not have a time limit, but you should plan to spend about 20 minutes.

To access the English DSP tool, please visit Seattle Colleges English Directed Self Placement.

Once finished, results will be emailed to you and to the Testing Office, which will upload them to your student file by the next business day.


The new Math Directed Self-Placement (DSP) tool allows you to assess your own skill and comfort with math and place into the right level, or discover if a refresher course would help. This is to make sure you take classes that are challenging enough to keep you engaged and learning, but not so difficult to discourage and overwhelm you. By answering a few questions, this tool will assess your proficiency and recommend the right starting point.

To access the Math DSP tool, please visit Seattle Colleges Math Directed Self Placement.

Please not that anyone who has purchased an ALEKS placement test may use those credits until January 19, 2024. Students who have completed ALEKS do not need to take the new self-placement for math.

Disability Testing Accommodations

The Accessibility Resource Center  can provide academic accommodations for students with a documented permanent or temporary disability. To contact someone in the Accessibility Resource Center  please use the information below:

Hours, Location and Contact Info

8 a.m. ‐ 4:30 p.m. (M‐F)
Broadway Campus BE1103 206.934.4183
Cebrina Chavez, Director
Linda Bruton, Interpreter Coordinator
Hamdi Abdirahman,  Front Office 
Seth Daphne Esmeson, Office Support