Repeating a Course (Grade Change)

You may repeat any credit course only once and request that the Division of Registration and Records use the highest grade received for computing the cumulative GPA. Unless you submit a specific request, however, the first grade and repeat grade will be averaged together.

Note: Course(s) must be repeated at the same campus.

There are two situations in which you may repeat a course. Both the initial course and the repeated course must be taken at the same campus.

  1. GPA Improvement. A credit course may be repeated only once. Upon successful completion of a repeated course, the student can submit a formal request to the Registration office to have the highest grade used in the GPA computation. Unless specifically requested, the first grade and the repeat grade(s) will be averaged. Note: The student will be credited only once for the class. It is the student's responsibility to notify the Registration Office when the repeated course is completed.
  2. Multi–quarter continuous training courses. A continuous or ongoing program course that uses the same course number from quarter to quarter, for example, music performance classes and typing classes, is considered a repeat course. In this situation credits earned are cumulative, and all grades are used to determine the GPA.
    Note: Students planning to transfer to four–year institutions should be aware that many four–year institutions have strict policies on course repeats. It is recommended that students check with the Advising Office before repeating a class to determine potential course transfer difficulties.