Veterans Services

Due to COVID-19 the Veterans Resource Center will be operating remotely for the upcoming quarter. We are available via email and can set up online or phone meetings if needed. You can also drop into the Veteran Zoom lounge.

Student Lounge Monday thru Friday 10am-2pm.

Meeting ID: 846 511 5329

Passcode: 510875

We ask for your understanding that responses may be delayed during this challenging time. Please be patient and give reasonable amount of time for response before you send another email, the more emails we receive the longer it takes to get through them to respond.
Reminder: COVID-19 legislation that allowed students to receive MHA at the resident rate, while taking approved converted (online) courses, ended on June 1, 2022. When enrolling in courses after that date or any subsequent term, students will need to enroll in approved resident or hybrid classes to continue receiving their MHA at the resident rate. Additionally, if a student chooses to continue approved training online after June 1, 2022, their GI Bill benefits, such as monthly housing allowance, will reduce to half the national average, and they may end up owing a tuition debt to the school.
There has been some challenges applying these rules because of the change in modality for most of our course offerings. Financial aid and the academic Deans have identified that most of the classes offered in the course catalog fall within the COVID 19 legislation rules as in resident. However the certification process is still case by case.
Remember to always submit your class schedule before the start of the quarter. 

As a veteran, member of active duty military personnel or dependent, you may qualify for a variety of resources to help you pay for your education as well as other services that may help you to achieve your educational goals. Benefits include:

  • 50 percent off tuition waiver for qualified military personnel and veterans
  • Early registration for veterans each quarter
  • Easily transferable credits
  • Courses taught on campus, online and through distance learning programs
  • College Transfer program and Professional/Technical programs
  • Active and diverse campus dedicated to student success
  • Dedicated staff aimed at supporting veterans during the transition and in the path for college success.

Veterans Support Specialist

The Veteran Support Specialist will be your guide and advocate between the college and the department of Veterans Affairs (VA) by assisting you in applying for educational funding, offering guidance on VA policies and benefits, as well providing information about additional available resources. The support specialist serves as the Veterans Representative at Seattle Central College.

Kerry Holifield, Jr.
Room BE3215 206.934.6352

The Veterans Affairs Certifying Official will be your link between the college and the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) by certifying your enrollment to the VA as well as providing information about post/pre certification requirements.

Financial Aid Office
Diem-Thuy Tran

Student Veteran's Support Center

Seattle Central's Student Veterans Support Program assists veteran students, their dependents and partners with the tools and resources to successfully navigate the transition from military to college life.

VetCorp Navigator's BE3204 
Student Lounge BE3210C

VetCorp Navigator

The Washington Department of Veterans Affairs VetCorps Navigator on campus connects you with all of your resources and benefits. In addition to VA education benefits, the VetCorps Navigator helps with housing referrals, educational programs and scholarships, job search assistance, resume prep and providing access to other campus and community resources. Note: Navigator available only during the academic school year.

VetCorp Navigator Office
Room BE3204

Seattle Veterans Affairs Vet Center at Seattle Central

A counselor from the Seattle Vet Center is available to meet with students who have served in the military, been stationed in a combat zone or experienced sexual trauma/coercion while in the military. Veterans, active duty personnel or anyone serving in the National Guard or Reserves may meet with the counselor.

During school year, visit the Veteran Students Center 1–4 p.m. on 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month.

Arthur Satterfield
Room BE3204

Additional Student Support Services

Beyond helping with accessing educational funding, we offer additional support services to help you achieve your goals: