Childcare Assistance Program

Quarterly need–based funding for a portion of child care costs & General childcare resource information

Do I qualify for funding?

To be eligible, students must be enrolled in credit bearing classes and meet a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. Individual award amounts will be based on the total number of applications received, financial need of applicants, and the amount of funds available. Please note that if awarded, funds will only be issued to pay licensed child care providers.

How to Get Started

Fill out and submit the application online:

After your submit please email  letting us know you submitted the form!

For help locating a licensed child care facility

You can learn how to access and choose quality child care and receive a customized list of child care programs by calling Child Care Resources of King County at 206.329.5544.

What general child care information is available?

We are available for drop–in consultation to answer your questions or concerns about alternative funding sources, low cost family activities, organizations providing clothing, holiday gift resources, etc.

Community resources can be found here:

Child Care Resources

Child Care Resources - Paying For Child Care 

Here are some other resources and potential help with funding assistance:

City of Seattle

Goodwin Connections (formerly - Seattle Milk Fund)

Seattle Parks and Rec (Scroll down to see a link about child care)

Contact Information