Student Support Programs

Seattle Central offers a range of programs and services that can provide meaningful support for students.

You can drop into Student Support in BE3215 or ask your question on-line.

Student Lounge Monday thru Friday 7am-5pm.

Meeting ID: 846 511 5329

Passcode: 510875

Childcare Assistance Program

Childcare Assistance Program offers funding, information, and referral resources to students desiring childcare assistance while attending school.

Emergency Funding

Emergency Funding provides a funding avenue for students requiring emergency assistance in special circumstances.

Re-Entry Support Programs

Re-Entry Support Programs provides a welcoming, supportive, and responsive learning environment for all currently and formerly incarcerated students.

Veterans Services

As a veteran, member of active duty military personnel or dependent, you may qualify for a variety of resources to help you pay for your education as well as other services that may help you to achieve your educational goals.

Food and Stability Resources

Seattle Central is in partnership with Jewish Family Services, Operation Sack Lunch, and the Be Good Project to host a small pantry of supplemental food, children's supplies, and toiletry items. We also host regularly scheduled community meals. Students are encouraged to inquire about resources and income supports they may be eligible for in our area.