Counseling Center: BE 3166

Seattle Central’s Counselors work with students enrolled at Seattle Central College to explore and pursue their educational and career goals, as well as achieve personal growth. As faculty professionals with clinical experience and advanced degrees in counseling/guidance, education, psychology, and social work we recognize that pursuing education presents opportunities as well as challenges. Seattle Central Counselors are committed to supporting students to access opportunities, meet challenges, and take best advantage of their personal educational experience.

Mission, Vision, and Values Statement of Seattle Central College’s Counseling Center


Our mission is to promote the intellectual and social-emotional development of students through counseling and teaching rooted in equity, diversity, and inclusion.


The Counseling Center emphasizes:

  1. Commitment to student success
  2. Student resiliency, growth, and healing
  3. Cultivating partnerships with the campus community through outreach and consultation services
  4. Building a sense of community through culturally responsive counseling


In support of Seattle Central College’s values of equity, diversity, and inclusion, we at the Counseling Center honor the intersecting identities and characteristics that make us unique individuals. We recognize and acknowledge the impact of oppression, power, and privilege on students’ social-emotional development. We strive to create a trusting environment and a space where people feel safe. Our commitment to our campus community is to embrace and celebrate diversity in all its richness.

We offer the following services to all currently enrolled students:

  1. Personal Counseling
  2. Career Counseling
  3. Academic Counseling
  4. Crisis Intervention

Types of Counseling


Personal counseling helps address issues that can make it difficult for students to succeed in college. These may include: stress, grief, anxiety, depression, problems with self-esteem or relationships, culture shock, and other life concerns. Referrals may be made for long-term counseling or therapy if needed.


Career counseling helps students explore career paths that best fit their skills, needs, personality, and interests. Counselors use career assessment tools to help students gain a better understanding of their strengths and interests.


Academic counseling helps students cope with issues related to classes, adjusting to college culture, understanding college processes and other issues. Referrals may be made to campus support services such as tutoring.

Crisis Intervention

While at school, students may occasionally encounter extremely challenging situations in their personal lives. Counseling staff are available to address these immediate problems and, if necessary, refer them to additional support services.