Crisis Intervention

Seattle Central counselors will respond to faculty and staff who become aware of student crisis situations on campus and need someone to help with the resolution of a difficult situation.

Incident Report

As faculty, if you experience classroom disruption resulting from misconduct, or witness misconduct on school premises, please see your Dean or Division Counselor and use the Student Conduct Incident Report (doc).

Goal: To provide supportive response to crisis counseling issues on our campus.


  1. To provide students with the intervention and short–term support needed to remain in school.
  2. To provide support for faculty and staff.
  3. To establish a consistent method of delivering crisis counseling services.

What is a crisis?

A crisis is an emergency (non–medical) situation that requires immediate response for individuals experiencing social and emotional distress.

When to call

Call when:

  • A student is suicidal or seriously depressed.
  • A student is distraught/disoriented and appears to need immediate attention and cannot wait for a regular counseling appointment.
  • A death, trauma, or accident occurs related to your class or department.
  • A student appears under the influence of drugs or alcohol and is not combative or disruptive.
  • A staff/faculty member is unable to diffuse the situation.

Whom to call

The counselor assigned to your division or program is the first person you should attempt to contact when confronted with a student crisis situation.

If the assigned counselor is unavailable go to Counselor Contact page or call Public Safety Office at 206.934.5442.

When to call security

Call Campus Security (ext. 5442) when:

  • A student appears under the influence of drugs or alcohol and is combative or disruptive.
  • A student is aggressive or uncontrollable.
  • A student is threatening, abusive, or endangers the health or safety of any person on campus.

When to call 911

Call 911 when the situation:

  • Is a life threatening emergency.
  • Involves weapons.
  • Is a serious medical incident.
  • Always phone Campus Security to tell them that you phoned 911.