Academic and Personal Strategies

Feedback and Revision

Get Support with Writing Your Paper at Seattle Central’s Writing Center 
“Learning from Feedback” from BBC Learning (3 minute video) 
“Advice for Students: 10 Steps Towards Better Writing” from LifeHack (10 minute read + tips) 
“3 Simple Hacks To Remember Everything You Read,” by Jim Kwik from Mind Valley (4 minutes) 

Free online + academic courses

Coursera: Free Online College Courses + Personal Development 
Khan Academy: Free academic skills + lessons 
Open Learn: Free academic courses + skills 
TedED: Free Lesson Plans on Various College Subjects 
Udemy: Free + Paid Courses on Various Subjects 

General Study Skills 

Study Tips from Khan Academy (10 minutes; blog post + tips) 
“Study Tips for ADHD and Test Anxiety” from TherapistAid (tips worksheet) 
“How to Study for Online Classes” from Clarissa at SheRocks@College (22  minute video + tips on creating routine) 
“How to Study: Active vs Passive Studying” from Clarissa at SheRocks@College (4 minute video) 
“17 Study Hacks Every Student Should Know” from Buzzfeed (5 minute read + tips) 

Managing Exam Anxiety

“Managing Text Anxiety” from Brown University Counseling Center (10 minute + tips and strategies) 
“Coping Skills to Manage Anxiety” from TherapistAid (worksheet) 
“How to Turn Your Fear into Fuel” from Lisa Nichols from MindValley
(30 minutes) 

Note taking, mind-mapping, and reading tips

 “Cornell Notes” from Learning Center Cornell (5 minutes) 
“Listening and making notes” by BBC Learning (5 minutes) 
“Mind Mapping” presented by Clarissa at SheRocks@College (3 minutes)  
“Effective textbook reading using the SQ4R” by OSLIS Secondary Videos (6 minutes) 


“5 Mental Hacks to End Procrastination,” by Jim Kwik from MindValley (5 minutes) 
“Time Management + Procrastination” from USC Counseling Services (article + tips) 
“To Stop Procrastinating, Look to the Science of Mood Repair,” from the Wall Street Journal (5 minute video + article) 
“End Procrastination Once and For All + Motivation” from Eric Thomas at Motivation2Study (10 minutes) 

Time management

“Managing Your Time” by BBC Learning (5 minutes) 
“Tips to How to Manage Your Study Time” from Khan Academy (10 minute blog post + tips) 
“Study Less Study Smart” presented by Thomas Frank of College Info Geek (6 minutes)  

Self-Esteem Skills

“What is Self-Esteem?” by Positive Psychology (tips + worksheets) 
“What is Imposter Syndrome and How Can You Combat It?” from TedEd (4 minute video)  

Spaced Repetition  

“25/5 Pomodoro Technique- Study and Productivity Technique” by Better Than Yesterday (5 minutes)  
“How to Remember More of What You Learn with Space Repetition” blog post by Thomas Frank of College Info Geek (10-15 minute read)