BIPOC Resources

NAMI (National Institute on Mental Illness) Seattle (BIPOC Mental Health Resources in Seattle)

Washington Counselors of Color (counselor listing by ethnicity, language, and religion)

Melanin and Mental Health (therapist finder, podcast, and more) 

Washington Therapy Fund for Black People 

National Queer and Trans Therapists Of Color Network (“interactive digital resource that helps QTPoC locate QTPoC mental health practitioners across the country.”) 

Resources for Black Healing compiled by Micalah Webster, MSW, MHSA

Therapy for Black Girls (therapist finder, blog, podcast, and more) 

Therapy for Black Men (therapist finder, blog, resources, and more) 

Call Black Line (“Helping the most-impacted folks through crisis, abuse, and mistreatment” 

Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board (“NPAIHB or the Board is a non-profit tribal advisory organization serving the forty-three federally recognized tribes of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.”) 

Seattle Indian Health Board (“is a community health center that provides health and human services to its patients, while specializing in the care of Native people.”) 

Asian Mental Health Project (blog, resources) 

South Asian Mental Health Initiative and Network (resources, blog) 

Latinx Therapy (therapist finder, resources, blog) 

Encouraging Meaningful Conversations about Race and Trauma (“Jenée Johnson is developing a new way to talk about trauma, race and bias.”) 

Dr. Joy DeGruy (renowned researcher post traumatic slave syndrome and black adolescent male respect) 

Free eCourse on Racialized Trauma (from Cultural Somatics Training & Institute) 

Strength Over Silence: Stories of Courage, Culture, and Community (Black and Latinx mental health from NAM 

University of Georgia’s Department of Psychology Racial Trauma Guide (resources for those impacted and allies/accomplices) 

We Heal Too (blog spotlighting BIPOC healers and their tips) 

Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective (“We are a collective of advocates, yoga teachers, artists, therapists, lawyers, religious leaders, teachers, psychologists and activists committed to the emotional/mental health and healing of Black communities.”) 

Try Liberate a BIPOC by and for meditation app. 

BIPOC Youth Heatlh Guide - Seattle-area youth created a for and by guide to multicultural mental health care.

Live Another Day (Resources for Black, Latinx, Asian, and native people on mental health and substance use resources for people of color.

Detox Local - Mental health and substance use resources for the AAPI (American Asian and Pacific Islander) community.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Among African Americans - Provides helpful statistics, looks at the differences in substance abuse patterns across the black population, and treatment options to consider.

A Guide to Addiction and Recovery for African Americans - African Americans may experience more barriers to treatment than other groups, this guide can help one become aware of payment options and how to find providers who understand the issues unique to this population.

Black Underrepresentation in Addiction Treatment - Discusses the idea of ‘underrepresentation’ in more detail looking at common barriers, legal biases and the importance of cultural competency.


Listen to Krista Tippett, host of the podcast On Being, talk with Resmaa Menakem, a trauma therapist, about Cultural Somatics and the importance of our bodies in processing trauma. 

Listen to Lama Rod Owen and BJSTARR when they “discussed ways in which anger pierces through to the truth of our reality, acting as a mirror, source of clarity, and catalyst for change. We also talked about how to consume anger rather than letting it consume us; Black rage; and the loving care we must also offer the wounds beneath it.” 


Watch video on emotionally Restorative Self-Care for People of Color 

Watch video on Street Somatics: Tips for Regulating Nervous Systems in Uprisings