English and Math Placement (Simple Option)

You do not need to do placement if you have taken and completed a college-level English class at any time, or if you have completed a college-level math class in the previous three years. If this applies to you, email your unofficial college transcripts to Admissions.Central@seattlecolleges.edu. Include your ctcLink ID number and name as it appears on state or federal identification

English Placement

The English directed self-placement (DSP) tool helps make sure that you take the right English course for your goals and starting point at Seattle Central College. The tool will guide you through a self-assessment of your current reading and writing practices and offer you a suggested level of English. At the end, you choose the level of English class that is right for you. This is not a test. English placement is for students who have not already completed English 101 or its equivalent.

Take the English Directed Self Placement

  • English directed self-placement is untimed, ungraded, and available at no charge for Seattle Central College students
  • Plan on 30-45 minutes to complete the assessment
  • Use a computer, tablet, or cell phone with a large screen
  • The Placement Office will receive your results and upload them as soon as possible. During the busiest registration times, it can take up to a week

Note: Students on visas F, M, or J should contact International Programs for placement.

Pro Tip: Many classes required English placement to register, and some require math placement as well. Completing your placement as soon as possible will increase your chances of getting the class you want.

Math Placement

The Math directed self-placement (DSP) tool allows you to assess your own skill and comfort with math and place into the right level, or discover if a refresher course would help. This is to make sure you take classes that are challenging enough to keep you engaged and learning, but not so difficult to discourage and overwhelm you. By answering a few questions, this tool will assess your proficiency and recommend the right starting point.

Take the Math Directed Self Placement

  • To access the Math DSP tool, visit Seattle Colleges Math Directed Self Placement.
  • Please note that anyone who paid for an ALEKS placement test from McGraw-Hill may use those credits until January 19, 2024. If you have completed ALEKS, you do not need to take the new self-placement for math.

If you have placement questions, we are here to help!

Email: Testing.Central@seattlecolleges.edu