Records & Transcripts FAQ

This FAQ is intended for general questions about grades and records.

How do I transfer credits earned at a previous college to Seattle Central?

First submit official transcripts from all previous colleges. Then submit an incoming transcript evaluation request and you will receive an evaluation in the mail in six to eight weeks.

Why transfer credits to Seattle Central College?

If your are working toward a degree or certificate, the transfer credit would apply to the program. If you plan to attend our campus for more than one quarter, you are allowed to register online.

What is an "Official" transcript?

An "official" transcript is one that is:

  • Mailed by your former college directly to the Admission's office, or
  • Delivered by you, (unopened in an envelope which has been officially sealed by your former school) to the Admissions office at Seattle Central College, Room BE1104.

Please Note: It is the student's responsibility to submit an "official" transcript from former colleges and incoming transcript evaluation. We strongly recommend that you also request an "unofficial" transcript from your previously attended schools for your personal records and reference.

I Need an Incoming transcript evaluation request form

You can get one in the Admissions Office (BE1104; 206.934.JOIN or 206.934.5646), the Registration and Records Office (BE1104; 206.934.6918) or go to the forms section of this website.

What kind of Grading System is used at Seattle Central?

Seattle Central College uses a numerical grading system. Please refer to the Grades & Records for equivalent letter grades.