Add & Drop Classes

After your initial registration you may add courses on a space available basis. You can do this online or on an add/drop form during the first two weeks of the quarter.

Beginning on the fourth day of the quarter, all classes require instructor permission to be registered and must be registered through the Registration Office.

Official Withdrawal

You cannot officially drop a class by simply informing the instructor you are withdrawing or by ceasing to attend the class. You can drop/withdraw online through ctcLink or through the Registrar’s Office.

No “W” will appear on transcript if withdrawal is made during the first day through the 10th day of the quarter.

A "W" will appear on your transcript for classes from which you have withdrawn after the 10th day of the quarter. After the 8th week of classes withdrawals are not permitted. You must meet with the instructor to discuss the option of taking an Incomplete "I" or No Credit "NC".