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Fall Quarter begins September 26.

New students: Please fill out the BTS Application for ESL, GED, or High School+ classes.
ESL orientations are full for the Fall Quarter. Please apply for the Winter Quarter if you are interested in taking ESL classes.

BTS Application

If you are returning after taking a break, please contact us to get registered.

Do you have questions?

  • Get help in person on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays from 9 a.m - 3:30 p.m. in Room 3122 on Central’s main campus. Campus Entry Procedures.
  • Call or email us at 206.934.4180 or btsinfo@seattlecolleges.edu
  • Join us through Zoom – see hours below.

Zoom Drop-In Hours for general questions about ESL, ABE, GED, and HS+ classes


  • 8 a.m. – 10 a.m.

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The High School + Program is an opportunity for adults aged 18 and over to complete a Washington State High School Diploma. This program offers students a less expensive way to earn high school credits by completing coursework in our Basic and Transitional Studies division.

Work with our HS+ instructor to demonstrate abilities in reading, writing, and math within subject areas such as science, history, government, and the arts.

The program combines your current studies with previous learning and life experiences.

For example

  • Do you already have some high school credits?
  • Do you have work or military experience?
  • Do you have any certifications or technical training (CPR/First Aid, Food Worker card)?
  • Have you taken any GED tests or college classes?

For information on the pathway and continuing after earning your High School diploma, check out the HS+ Map.

Welcome New Students

All new students must attend an orientation. Morning and evening orientations for new students will be held before the upcoming quarter. The orientation includes program information, assessments, goal setting, and registering for core classes. Tuition ($25) is for orientation; the classes you are placed in at the end of orientation are included in this tuition. Orientation must be completed before you can enroll in class.

Get Started

  • Contact Basic and Transitional Studies to register for an orientation
  • Attend orientation
  • Request official high school transcript from your school district
  • Pay the $25 tuition
  • Start class


Contact the High School Navigator at hsnavigator@seattlecolleges.edu to submit transcripts and get information about Central's high school completion options."

Dino Kladouris - Student Specialist for ABE/GED/HS+ 
Email: dino.kladouris@seattlecolleges.edu 
Phone: 206.934.5405.
Book an appointment with Dino at dinokladouris.youcanbook.me.