High School Completion

News students must first apply to the college and submit official high school transcripts to admissions. Once you have tested in English and Math and receive your evaluation please email and we will arrange an online or phone appointment. All of the steps outlined below must be completed before an appointment can be given.

The High School Completion Program provides students with opportunities to complete a diploma. The student must complete the process for admissions, submit an official high school transcript for evaluation, and complete placement testing to determine eligibility into the courses needed for high school completion.

Steps to Apply

Please complete these steps at least 10 weeks before the beginning of the quarter in which you wish to enroll.

Apply for admission to SCC online at this link: https://seattlecentral.edu/get-started/enroll-now

You will be given a ctclink (student) ID. You will need your ctclink ID number in order to take the placement test(s).

Go to the Testing Center Web pages to learn about placement testing hours and cost and make arrangements to take an English and math placement tests.

Submit your official, unopened, and sealed high school transcripts with the request form HSC Transcript Evaluation form  in-person to the  Admissions Office (Broadway Campus BE1104) or by mail.

In 7-9 weeks, you will receive an HSC-Evaluation form in the mail. Once you receive your form, please schedule an appointment with your High School Completion (HSC) Advisor.

Note However, during high volume periods, the turnaround time may be longer.

Bring your HSC-Evaluation form to your appointment with your HSC Advisor. Your Advisor will guide you on what classes you need to register to complete your HS diploma and if you are eligible sign off with the reduced tuition code.

The START New Student Orientation will introduce you to resources, support, and opportunities available at Seattle Central College.   It will prepare you for your first quarter on campus.  START is online.

You can register and pay online or in-person at the Enrollment Service area (BE 1104) and pay for your classes.

Program Overview The High School Completion Program provides students with opportunities to complete a diploma by taking colleges classes.
Tuition cost ~$22.61 per credit (if 19 or older and a resident).
Eligibility - Be able to provide official high school transcript from an accredited high school
- Place out of Basic Studies on the college placement test
Degree/Credit Earned High School diploma and college credit
Program Content College classes
Program Length Depends on credits needed
Under 18 Complete the Underage Petition form each quarter until the student has reached the age of 18 or has graduated high school.

For more information contact: High School Navigator hsnavigator@seattlecolleges.edu.