Volunteer Tutoring Program

The Basic & Transitional Studies Volunteer Tutoring Program provides individual and small group tutoring for students enrolled in Seattle Central classes (Adult Basic Education, GED and English as a Second Language classes), so that they can gain the skills needed to advance to their next class level.
We match volunteer tutors and students for 1-3 hours per week. We also offer drop-in tutoring for quick computer questions. At the moment, all tutoring happens online, most often on Zoom.

  • If you’re a student interested in working with a tutor, please click here for more information.
  • If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer tutor, please click here for more information.

Fall Quarter 2021

  • Tutoring Begins - Monday, Oct 4th, 2021

Contact Information

Seattle Central College
Drew Gamboa
Interim Tutoring Program Coordinator
1701 Broadway – BE3124
Seattle, WA 98122