LSN Tutoring & Appointment Expectations

Tutoring Expectations

Please check in with our front desk staff before seeing your tutor


LSN tutoring is available to currently enrolled Seattle Central students

LSN tutors can help by working cooperatively with students to increase a students understanding of related coursework. 

However, our tutors cannot provide specific answers to homework, or assist with online / take home tests or quizzes


Tutoring Session Length

Students are allowed a single 30-minute session per subject per day

The tutor may choose to extend your session by and additional 30 minutes at their discretion, time permitted (please respect our tutors right to end a session after 30 minutes)


Come to your appointments prepared by

  • Completing required prerequisite work
  • Presenting a specific problem that requires tutor guidance
  • Having required instructions, websites, and tools prepared and immediately available
  • Prepared to actively participate in the tutoring session


Appointment Expectations

  • Students with accommodations from the ARC office may make one-hour appointments
  • Appointments are made at the top, and middle of the hour, I.E. 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, ETC.
  • Missing your appointment by 15 minutes or more will result in the cancellation of your appointment and may not be rebooked for the same day
  • No multiple bookings for the same subject may be made for the same day
  • Multiple bookings beyond the first 30 minute appointment will be cancelled by the LSN staff
  • Appointments may only be made two weeks in advance
  • Appointments made further than two weeks will be cancelled by LSN staff
  • Three missed, or late appointments will result in suspension of appointment privileges