Equity in Practice

Equity in Practice is professional development for all Seattle Central College employees. This program is designed to support Guided Pathways by developing knowledge and skill in three focus areas: 1) Foundations of Guided Pathways; 2) Equity in Teaching; and 3) Equity Across the College. A stipend is offered to faculty for completing the program. 

Equity in Practice is a Title III funded project and a Guided Pathways work group, including Julia Buchans, Carolina Forero, Dave Ellenwood, Lynn Kanne, Ves Mahanian, Tracy Cook, Ryan Youell, Wendy Rockhill. Team support from Seth Daphne Esmeson and Julie Randall.  

Get Started

Enroll in the Equity in Practice Program Page for a full program description and links to enroll in these available courses. Each course takes 2-4 hours and supports equity and student success practice.

Guided Pathways 101, created by Kate Krieg 

Development Day Speakers Courses, adapted for EiP by Ves Mahanian 

Dr. Brooms - Transforming Educational Environments Through CARE 

Dr. Sankofa Waters - A Critical Race Theory & Black Feminist Reflection on Praxis 

Dr. Harris - Advancing Racial Equity in a Climate of Resistance and Change:  
Aligning Culture and Strategy  

Dr. Gorski - Embracing and Enacting a Transformative Vision for Antiracism 

Student Success Data Dashboards, created by Emily Castillo and Jenni Branstad 

Ensure Learning, created by Emily Castillo and Marina Halverson 

The 4 Connections, adaptation created by Ves Mahanian 

TILT (Transparency in Learning and Teaching), adaptation created by Ves Mahanian 

More courses will be added. Enroll in the Program Shell for regular updates.  

Propose a Course

Your talents and ideas are needed! This program builds on the talents and wisdom of the college community. Please visit the EiP Development Page for proposal instructions.  

2022-2023 Preview

Starting fall 2022, the Equity in Practice program will add facilitated discussions on Equity in Practice topics. They will be held in real time, via Zoom throughout the quarter.