Commonly Used Forms

Corporate Travel Card

With supervisor approval, some travelers can be issued a corporate travel card. The corporate travel card is the only other option; besides using he approved agencies, available for use to purchase air fare. This card can be used for allowable travel expenses.

Department Procurement Card

You can use your departmental procurement card in lieu of an invoice voucher to purchase goods and services under $2,500. Some vendors may not accept credit cards for payment. In those cases, use an invoice voucher. Please see the credit card use agreement for more details.

Interdepartmental Charge and Credit (IDC)

Use this form to move expenditures between budgets, to correct revenues or charges to budgets, to charge another budget within Seattle Central for goods/services provided or transfer revenue within the same fund.

Note: The IDC form must be filled out using Microsoft Access. Please call NEED if you need help getting set up to use the database.

Invoice Voucher

This form is used for:

  • Honorarium payment to a speaker or a performer that does not exceed $600*
  • Payment to public agencies for taxes or fees or permits if ProCard is not accepted
  • Membership and registration fees under $2,500 if ProCard is not accepted**
  • Reimbursement to Seattle Colleges employees for non–travel related expenses

* Obtain a current W–9 form from the speaker or performer and submit along with the invoice voucher to AP for payment processing.

** Payment of conference registration using ProCard is an acceptable method. Employee must have prior approval of his/her manager for attendance of a conference or seminar OR obtain an approved Travel Authorization form before making a payment.

Light Refreshment

This form is used to obtain the necessary approval to provide coffee and light refreshments for meetings. The approval must be in advance of the event. Amounts cannot exceed the state per diem rates.

Purchase Requisitions/Order

Use this form to purchase goods and services in amounts that over $2,500. Please contact Purchasing for more details.

Travel Requisition

This form is for pre–approval of travel and travel expenses. It is also used for prepayment of registration fees related to travel. If requesting local area mileage or parking reimbursement only, a travel requisition does not need to be completed. More details can be obtained from your campus travel coordinator.

Faculty/ Staff Stipends

To pay a faculty or staff member for additional services outside of their usual duties, please. use the e-forms/ Liquid Office process as outlined below:

Travel Expense Voucher

Use this form for reimbursement of any approved travel related expenses for employees or students. Examples: mileage, lodging, meals, parking. More details can be obtained from your campus travel coordinator.

Billing Invoice

Need to bill a client or customer? This form requests the Business Office to send out an invoice.

Personal Service Contract

Personal service contracts are used for services provided by individuals or consultants to accomplish a specific study, project, task or other work. These are generally infrequent functions of a professional or technical nature. They may be awarded to individuals, joint ventures, partnerships, corporations or non-profit organizations.