Employee Home Free Guarantee

Employee Home Free Guarantee

If you are a permanent employee, a member of the TMP and use smart forms of transportation, the college can help in an emergency. The college will pay for a taxicab home or to a daycare address for up to 60 miles one way. This service is available up to two times per quarter. Smart forms of transportation include public transportation, walking, biking, carpool passengers.

Contact the Transportation Services Office at 206.934.3032 or 206.934.6932 during normal office hours. Provide this information when calling:

  • State the nature of your emergency
  • Provide the time you wish to be picked up
  • Provide the destination address
  • Provide your contact phone number

Be prepared to show a photo ID to the taxi driver, pay and get a receipt, then submit the receipt to Transportation Services for reimbursement.

Zipcar Use

We are no longer offering Zipcar account services through the college, employees will need to create their own personal accounts for Zipcar usage. The only association with Zipcar is the agreement for renting parking spaces for their vehicles.