Incident & Hazard Reporting

Employees are required to report all injuries, illnesses, and/or near-misses to their immediate supervisor, regardless of severity.

Seattle Central College utilizes the Incident Report Form (pdf) for all reporting. When an occurrence happens, a form must be filled out within 24 hours or submitted the next business day. The supervisory person at the time and location of the occurrence is responsible for making certain the reporting party completes the form accurately and objectively. Include names of witnesses and pictures, as applicable.

All completed forms must be submitted to the Campus Safety & Security Office. An Incident Investigation Report will be completed for each employee incident by either a Campus Safety & Security Officer, the EHS Manager, or a designee, as appropriate.

Hazard Reporting

Employees can, and are encouraged to, report hazards to their immediate supervisor, to the Environmental Health and Safety Manager, the Campus Safety & Security Office, or a Safety Committee representative.

Hazards may be submitted in writing (via the incident report form) or orally. All oral reports will be documented with an incident form by the recipient of the information. The recipient of the report will review, validate, and take corrective action on confirmed hazards. The originator will be notified of any action planned or implemented to abate the hazard(s). Corrective actions will be recorded on the incident report form and included with the Safety Committee's meeting minutes.

At the time of reporting, employees may indicate if they would like to remain anonymous. Individuals should be aware that updates will not be reported directly to anonymous sources to preserve their privacy.