Employee Bicycle & Motorcycle Parking

Bicycle Parking

Lock and attach bicycle to a campus–provided bicycle rack with a secure lock. Bicycles left in other areas may be impounded and fined. Parking areas for bicycles:

  • Harvard Parking Garage: (3rd level main entrance southeast corner)
  • Science & Math Building Garage: (Harvard side)
  • Broadway Edison Building: (south and east entrances)
  • Mitchell Activities Center: (near entrance on Broadway side)

Bicycle Fixit Station: Located just inside the Mitchell Activity Center across from the registration desk, the bicycle fixit station provides one stop shopping for minor bicycle repairs. You can change a tire, tighten a pedal, or pump air into your deflated tires.

Bicycle lockers: The college will provide a secure bike locker on a space available basis to employees who join the Employee Transportation Plan.

Motorcycle Parking

There is no charge for motorcycle parking in the Harvard garage for college staff or students; no public parking of motorcycles is permitted, nor is overnight parking/storage of motorcycles allowed. The location of motorcycle parking in the Harvard Parking Garage (3rd level main entrance southeast corner). Motorcycles parked outside of the designated areas are subject to citation and impoundment.

No parking areas for bicycles and motorcycles:

  • Regular–sized parking stalls for cars
  • Inside offices and instructional buildings
  • Next to exit doors
  • Next to handrails
  • In planted areas
  • On sidewalks or pedestrian walkways