Parking & Transportation

The Transportation Services staff is responsible for implementing, promoting, and managing the Seattle Central Transportation Management Plan (pdf). We are committed to meeting the transportation needs of our students and employees by continuously evaluating and exploring innovative ideas and methods of commuting.

Our goal is to be environmentally pro active by encouraging students and employees to help reduce traffic congestion, fuel consumption and improve air quality by carpooling, utilizing transit, or using alternative forms of transportation. Our services include the administration of alternative commuting programs and parking on campus.

Because Seattle Central is located in the busy urban neighborhood of Capitol Hill, parking is at a premium. To encourage the use of buses, streetcars, trains and ferries, we sell subsidized ORCA Card transit passes, provide reduced parking rates for carpoolers and offer free parking for bicycles and motorcycles. We sell over 5,000 ORCA Cards annually as well as 3,500 parking permits.

Seattle Central's Transportation Management Plan meets the requirements of the Commute Trip Reduction Law passed by the Washington State Legislature and other ordinances passed by the City of Seattle.