Facilities FAQ

This FAQ is intended to inform Seattle Central's faculty and staff about facilities requests.

How do I submit a work order?

Here are five quick steps on how to submit a work order:

  • Go to: Facilities work order
  • Click on: Work Request Entry
  • Select Building and click Next
  • Fill–in required fields (Note: Fields in bold and burgandy are required)
  • Hit: Submit

How do I get a vending machine refund?

Contact Auxiliary Services for help with vending machines.

How do I setup a room?

Contact Auxiliary Services for help with setting up a room.

How do I request a keycard?

Contact Security for help with keycard requests.

How do I request an office move?

To request an office move or to have furniture moved please fill out a work order.

How do I request space?

To request space please fill out the Space Request form (doc). Examples of space requests include: requesting storage space for a department, requesting prayer space for students, requesting a new office, etc.