Umoja Advisory Council

umoja logoThe Umoja Advisory Council serves in an advisory capacity to Umoja staff and leadership regarding program, events, resources attainment and connections to enhance Umoja programs.  

The Umoja Advisory Council shall serve as ambassadors within the district to increase awareness of Umoja along with serving as advisors around their area of expertise. 

Scope of Work: Meets year-round as needed to fulfill purpose. Scope includes planning and execution of identified pillars.  

Seattle Central Umoja Advisory Council Members

  • Dr. Bradley Lane – Interim President of Seattle Central College
  • Mikala Harris – Associate Director, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Eric Greer – Director of Advising and Career Services
  • Kate Goltermann Kreig – Executive Director of Guided Pathways 
  • Charles Jeffreys – Faculty
  • Ricardo Levya-Puebla – Dean of Student Development 
  • Shawn Armour – Associate Director of MESA
  • Sharon Spence-Wilcox – Faculty
  • Dr. Wendy Rockhill – Interim VP of Instruction 
  • Kao Lezheo – Interim VP of Student Services 
  • Dr. Valerie Hunt – Faculty
  • Desiree Simmons – Faculty
  • Adam Russell – Interim Director, Marketing and Communications
  • Dr. Kayleen Oka – Faculty 
  • Dr. Kimberly McRae – Faculty 

Seattle Central Umoja Scholars Pillars

Recruitment and Outreach:

  • Dr. Kimberly McRae
  • Kate Krieg
  • Eric Greer
  • Shawn Armour

Elders Council:

  • Dr. Valerie Hunt
  • Charles Jeffreys
  • Sharon Spence-Wilcox
  • Carl Livingston

Communications and Marketing:

  • Desiree Simmons
  • Adam Russell

Assessment and Evaluation:

  • Ricardo Levya-Puebla
  • Kate Krieg
  • Makaila Harris

Curriculum and Sustainability:

  • Dr. Kayleen Oka
  • Makaila Harris
  • Desiree Simmons
  • Dr. Kimberly McRae
  • Sharon Spence-Wilcox