Learning outcomes

Seattle Central students will achieve personal and professional goals in diverse and multicultural settings because they are able to:


Analyze, create, and reflect to address and appreciate challenges and opportunities.

  1. Gather, interpret, and evaluate information
  2. Identify problems and issues
  3. Formulate hypothesis
  4. Generate and implement creative strategies
  5. Create and appreciate aesthetic work
  6. Evaluate their thinking process


Work effectively with others to learn, complete tasks, and pursue common goals.

  1. Identify problems and create action plans
  2. Apply understanding and knowledge of group process
  3. Pursue and critically evaluate different social and cultural perspectives
  4. Manage conflict productively
  5. Engage in community and civic life


Exchange ideas and information through intentional listening, speaking, signing, reading, writing, or presenting.

  1. Determine the purpose and context for communicating
  2. Organize and present information purposefully
  3. Seek feedback and revise to enhance effectiveness
  4. Attend to conventions of communication to minimize barriers
  5. Consider perspectives, experiences, and cultural differences to develop understanding


Apply knowledge and skills to solve problems.

  1. Select and use theoretical models, quantitative and qualitative techniques, information sources, and technology tools
  2. Identify and solve problems using logical strategies and evaluate results
  3. Gather data from various reliable sources and assess the validity and relevancy
  4. Critically evaluate solutions using research–based evidence
  5. Use technology and apply to a wide range of practices, fields, and industries

Continue Learning

Self–evaluate and act to improve knowledge and skills.

  1. Analyze own performance and revise to improve
  2. Transfer learning by applying it in other contexts
  3. Increase knowledge by identifying gaps and acting to fill them
  4. Seek mentors and share knowledge with others
  5. Provide and receive feedback