Black Solidarity Think Tank

Our Vision

The Black Solidarity Think Tank (BSTT) nurtures and centers Black lives at Seattle Central College toward an everyday praxis of liberation for Black students, staff and faculty.

Our Values

Why and how are we engaged in this transformative work?  What is at the core of the BSTT’s individual and collective identity?  We are, do, seek, practice, live these values:words in a circle

black centered, celebratory, unapologetic, solidarity, unveiling, truth telling, re-centering, liberatory, solidarity, village, connected, justice, joyously impatient, belonging, truth telling, truth tellers, wisdom, liberation, healing, soul giving, affirming, relationships precede learning, intersectional layered, listening, welcoming, serve, co-create, black joy, black success, truth, safety, courage, resilience, joyous impatience, disrupting, dismantling, thriving, holding, individual, collective, restorative, discourse, accountability, cultural awareness, self, community, attitude, prospective, check, values aware, restoration, students, unveiling, failing-forward, humanizing, improving, changes to policy, changes in practice, changes in mindset, more justice, happier students/employees, black excellence, black success, black value, black centered, black love, black care, black belonging, black reality, black community, black liberation

Our Mission

To fulfill the vision and values of BSTT, we name structures, practices, and policies that harm Black-identified students, staff and faculty.

We are committed to developing internal and external community partnerships, learning institutes, and policy recommendations that reflect and advance the BSTT framework of care and equity mindedness.

Our Members

  • Dr. Kimberly McRae (co-lead), Counseling Faculty, Dean of Student Success
  • Helena Ribeiro (co-lead), English Faculty
  • Kao LéZheo, Vice President of Student ServicesSerena Manzo, Executive Director of Guided Pathways
  • Dr. Pat Russell, Executive Dean for Healthcare and Human Services
  • Desiree Simons, English Faculty
  • Sharon Spence-Wilcox, Library Faculty

Our Framework of Racial Equity and Care

The Black Solidarity Think Tank (BSTT) came together to ground our college’s Guided Pathways movement in theories, knowledge, and practices of racial equity and care.

Our research and dialogue led us to three key principles, or pillars: Critical Race Theory, Equity Mindedness, and Care (Student Services, Instructional & Institutional). Our hug image represents the circle of equity and care that is the foundation for our beloved college community.

Image Description - Title at top: Black Solidarity Think Tank   Image of 3 stacked multi-colored circles inside a gray frame on a light blue background.    The outer black circle is labeled Critical Race Theory; the middle bright blue circle is labeled Equity Mindedness; and the inner bright yellow circle is labeled Care.    Three additional light yellow intersecting circles sit inside the Care circle, and they are labeled Student Services, Instructional, and Institutional.   Subtitle at bottom: Framework of Equity and Care

Image Description - Title: Framework Pillars - 3 light yellow columns framed in bright yellow with lists in each column titled Critical Race Theory, Equity Mindedness, and Care.

Within each of these pillars are various theories and praxes that the BSTT shares via department meetings and employee development opportunities.

SCC’s Framework Prompts were adapted from Portland Community College.  

They offer a foundational approach to dialogue and decision-making, especially as it applies to (re)designing college practices and policies.


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