Credit Transfer Policies

Reciprocity Agreement Instructions

What is Reciprocity?

Reciprocity is a policy among Washington community and technical colleges (CTCs) designed to assist students in transferring courses that have met Communication Skills, Quantitative Skills, or Distribution requirements from one CTC to another.

Who is eligible for Reciprocity?

Students who transfer from one CTC to another may be eligible for reciprocity if they have:

  • Applied for Admission to the receiving college
  • Completed an individual course at the sending college that meets the Communication, Quantitative, or Distribution Area requirement for the same degree; OR, completed entire areas of their degree requirements at the sending college (Communication, Humanities, etc.)
  • Maintained a cumulative college-level GPA of 2.0 or better at the sending college
  • Met the sending college residency requirement (minimum number of credits earned)
  • Continued to pursue the same degree (DTA or AS-T) at the receiving college
  • Provided all necessary documentation to receiving college
  • Met the receiving college local provisos of unique, local prerequisite and graduation requirements. These requirements may include learning communities/coordinated studies requirements, writing-intensive course requirements, diversity requirements, physical education/health requirements, the last certain number of credits completed at the receiving college, and the receiving college continuous enrollment policy (catalog agreement).

Then, the receiving institution agrees to consider that the distribution area requirements have been met upon evaluating the student's transcript and awarding the student's degree.

What steps do students need to follow to have their credits transferred under the reciprocity agreement?

  1. Have an official copy of your transcript sent to the receiving college
  2. Submit "Request for Evaluation of Transfer-in Credits" to the Registrar's Office of the receiving college (or whatever the receiving college calls this form)
  3. Submit the reciprocity agreement request (pdf) form to the Registrar's Office