Organizational Structure


An Organizational Chart for Guided Pathways

2022-2023 Pathways Work Group Leads

Black Solidarity Think Tank
Dr. Kimberly McRae, Interim Dean of Student Success
Helena Ribeiro, Full-time Faculty English

English Directed Self Placement
Kaitlin McClanahan, Full-time Faculty English
Desiree Simons, Full-time Faculty English

Exploratory Mapping
Jacquie George, Full-time Faculty Basic and Transitional Studies
Julie Randall, Director Title III

Equity in Practice
Lynn Kanne, Dean of Library and Employee Development
Carolina Forero, Full-time Faculty Basic and Transitional Studies

First Year Experience
Talia Greenberg, Assistant Director of First Year Experience and Career Exploration Center
Chelsea Hoffman, Interim Admissions and Entry Specialist

Intake and Onboarding
Chris Maund, Director of Admissions and Outreach Services

Pathway Mapping
Jaime Cardenas, Dean of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Emily Castillo, Assessment Coordinator
Kate Krieg, Executive Director of Guided Pathways
Shaan Shahabuddin, Full-time Psychology Faculty

Math Co-Requisite
Jerry Wright, Full-time Math Faculty
Jonathan Ursin, Full-time Math Faculty

Math Directed Self-Placement
Paul Verschueren, Full-time Math Faculty

Student Voices
Viv Cai, Program Manager of Information Central
Kate Krieg, Executive Director of Guided Pathways

Umoja Scholars Program
James Robinson, Interim Director of Cohort Learning Systems (UMOJA)
Dr. Kimberly McRae, Full-time Faculty Counselor