Tuition Policy

Residency Status / Tuition

Resident tuition applies to active duty military, Washington state Reservists / Guard members and refugees. Effective July 1, 2003, Washington state law made certain students who are not permanent residents of the United States eligible for resident tuition. Students meeting the above criteria who were previously classified as non-residents are responsible for requesting a change in their residency status. Forms and information are available in the registration forms section of this website and in the Registrar's Office (Broadway Campus room BE1104).

For state–supported class tuition purposes, a state resident is one who is a U.S. citizen or who has permanent resident immigrant status, refugee-parolee status, or conditional entrant status, and

  1. Has established a domicile (residence) in the state of Washington primarily for purposes other than educational for the period of one year immediately prior to the first day of the quarter and was financially independent from parents or legally appointed guardians for the calendar year during which college enrollment begins, OR
  2. Is a financially dependent student, one or both of whose parents or legal guardians have maintained a domicile in the state of Washington for at least one year immediately prior to the first day of the quarter.

Typically, state residents document their legal residence in Washington by showing that for the entire 12 months immediately preceding the beginning of the quarter, they have done all of the following:

  1. Held a Washington driver's license or identification card
  2. Had their vehicle registered in Washington
  3. Have registered to vote in Washington, AND
  4. Can provide proof of residence in the state.

Students wishing to change their non–resident classification should petition the college prior to their registration day, by completing a Residency Questionnaire available in the Registration Office (Broadway Campus room BE1104). Or you can visit the registration forms section of this website.

State Employees Tuition Waiver

Official registration for Washington State employees employed 50% or more is on a space–available basis as described on the tuition exemption page. Once you have read and understand the instructions, download and fill out the tuition waiver form (pdf).

This waiver is for state funded courses ONLY.