Tuition Exemption

Registration for Washington State employees

Official registration for Washington State employees employed 50% or more is on a space-available basis as described below. On the first meeting of the class, we suggest you do the following:

  1. Go to the class of your choice on the first day of instruction. Let the instructor know that you are hoping to register as a Washington State employee under the space-available tuition waiver program. Ask the instructor if s/he feels that space "may" be available and, if so, request permission to visit the class until you can officially register (see ”When to register” below).
  2. On the day you are permitted to register, have the instructor sign your enrollment form, giving you permission to enroll in the class, if there is space permitting.
  3. Submit the Enrollment Form and the Certification of Employment Form to the Registration Office to complete the registration process. Tuition payment is due at the time of registration.

Under this tuition waiver there is a $20 processing fee charged each quarter and you are limited to 6 credits. Credits over 6 will be charged at the regular tuition rate. Any additional charges such as parking, student ID card, computer access, books, supplies, etc. will be your responsibility.

When to register

All Washington State employees, employed 50% or more may register between the 6th and 10th (5th and 8th for Summer) instructional day of the quarter. The supervisor or personnel representative of the employee must complete the Certification of Employment Form.

Registration prior to the above dates

Students who register prior to these dates, are responsible for full payment at the regular per credit tuition rate.

Please note the following stipulations:

  • This waiver cannot be used for Continuing Education classes or Distance Learning WAOL classes.
  • Employees in the K-12 systems are eligible for the WA State Employee Waiver with verification that they are teachers or certificated instructional staff employed at public common and vocational schools, holding or seeking a valid endorsement and assignment in a state-identified shortage area.
  • A new Certification of Employment Form must be presented each quarter.

Complete the Washington State Employee Tuition Waiver Form (pdf).