Admissions FAQ

This FAQ is intended help answer admissions questions.

How do I know if you received my transcript?

Call the Admissions Office at 206.934.JOIN (206.934.5646).

I already took the placement test how can I get my scores to you?

You may send your COMPASS or ASSET tests by fax 206.934.6321 or mail 1701 Broadway Avenue Seattle, WA 98122.

Do you need an official transcript or can I use an unofficial one?

You may use an unofficial transcript for the advising purposes, however, an official transcript must be on file by the first day of classes in the quarter you plan to attend if you are seeking to earn a degree from Seattle Central.

I am an international student. What do I do?

Please visit our page for International Students or contact the International Programs Office:

Do I need to talk to an advisor?

All first quarter students must speak to an advisor.

I was here before do I need to apply again?

If more than five years have passed since you attended you will need to re–apply. If less than five years contact Registration at 206.934.6918.