Admissions FAQ

If more than three years have passed since you attended, you will need to re–apply. If less than three years, contact Registration at 206.934.6918.​

Automated emails may end up in spam/junk, so check there first. If you still don't see an email, you should contact ​

You will receive a "Welcome" email or follow-up from the Admissions Team within 5 business days. In the meantime, you are encouraged to complete the placement steps and apply for financial aid. If your program is not eligible for financial aid, you should still explore funding options.

All students must either complete placement or submit test scores or transcripts in lieu of taking placement tests. The primary placement tests are for English and math. All students must take an English and math course as part of the general education (gen ed) requirements. The placement test are designed to help determine the best classes for *you*. For more information on your options, explore the Placement page.

Note: If you've attended college before, regardless of completion, you may not need to take a placement test after applying. 

Call the Admissions Office at 206.934.JOIN (206.934.5646).

You may use an unofficial transcript for placement and advising purposes; however, an official transcript must be on file by the first day of classes in the quarter you plan to attend if you are seeking to earn a degree from Seattle Central.

All students are highly encouraged to speak to an advisor. Once admitted, you will be assigned an Academic Advisor based on the program listed on your application. To contact Advising, visit:

Check the FAQ section in Registration.

Please visit our dedicated website or contact the International Programs Office.​

Don't see your question here?​

Let's talk! Contact us at 206.934.JOIN (5646),, or stop by BE1104 on the Broadway campus.