Returning Student

Thank you for returning to Seattle Central College. We can't wait to see you on campus!

Welcome back! If you have taken a class at Seattle Central College within the last three years, re-enrolling is simple and quick. Please follow the steps below. If it has been longer than three years, you will need to complete the New Student enrollment process.

Need help re-enrolling?

Connect with our re-engagement specialist who can answer questions, help you find resources, and support you to graduation.

Margaret Jadczak
Seattle Central College
Re-Engagement Specialist

How to Re-enroll

  1. Plan your funding: We offer several financial aid options; be sure you start the process early.
  2. Find your registration appointment: Check your date/time. No appointment? Contact Registration.
  3. Find your classes: Posted exclusively online, our new and improved class schedule can be viewed on your smartphone or tablet.
  4. Register for your classes: Get ready to further your education.

Placement for classes: If your most recent math placement test is older than three years, you may need to retake the placement test. If a student has already completed college-level work you may bypass the placement test by providing unofficial college transcripts showing successful completion of English composition and/or college level math. Detailed information about transcripts and transcript submissions can be found in the transcript section of our website.

Submit your transcript(s): If you have taken classes at other colleges since you last enrolled at Seattle Central College, be sure to send us your transcript(s). We may be able to give you credit that can be applied toward a degree or certificate program. Explore our list of programs, we are constantly adding new ones; there may be something new since you last attended.

If you attended North Seattle College, South Seattle College, or Seattle Vocational Institute, you do NOT need to submit your transcripts; we will have them on file.

Re-enrollment Checklist

View or download a step-by-step checklist for re-enrolling.


We recommend that you meet with an Academic Advisor before you register. Our advisors will work with you to create an educational plan to help you achieve your goals.

If you have been enrolled in classes at North Seattle College, South Seattle College, or Seattle Central College anytime in the last 6 academic quarters, you can schedule an appointment through Starfish using your MySeattleColleges username and password.

If you have never applied to North Seattle College, South Seattle College, or Seattle Central College or are returning after more than 6 academic quarters without taking classes, you must contact the Advising Office to make an appointment.

Phone: (206) 934-4068


Drop-in via Zoom: Click here for information about drop-in hours