Follow the steps below to apply for Financial Aid.

Step 1: Apply for Financial Aid

Students interested in borrowing a Federal Direct Loan must FIRST complete and submit a FAFSA to apply for financial aid.

After you have completed the steps for applying for financial aid then you can apply for a Federal Direct Loan.

Step 2: Apply for a Federal Direct Loan

  • Complete the Online Federal Direct Loan Entrance Counseling Plan* at: The online exam takes 30–40 minutes to complete.
    *If you have previously completed the online entrance counseling plan just wait for the pop–up that will say "you have already completed the entrance counseling," then click "continue."
  • Complete a Federal Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) online at:
  • Complete and submit this form:
    • Seattle Central Federal Direct Loan Request form for 2023-2024.
      This form is used to notify the Financial Aid Office with how much you would like to borrow and the quarters you want to receive your loan. Be sure to read all the information on the request form before you turn it in to the Financial Aid Office. You will only be allowed one loan change per quarter. Please visit or call the Financial Aid Office for more information. If you need Financial Awareness Counseling, it is available at:

Step 3: Get the Facts

  • Federal Direct Loans must be paid back, therefore, please consider other options to pay for college first. Complete Federal Direct Loan Program details, including an overview, tools, resources, and managing repayment are available online at:
  • You may not be eligible for the amount you request based on the required federal aid calculations. The amount of loan eligibility cannot exceed your budgeted cost of attendance minus all other financial assistance you are receiving.
  • Students who have not completed their file by the posted financial aid deadline will not be permitted to turn in a Seattle Central Federal Direct Loan Request form until they receive an initial award letter or letter of ineligibility. If we receive your loan request form before your file is reviewed, your loan request will be denied. You will need to submit a new request form after you are notified by Seattle Central's Financial Aid Office of your financial aid eligibility.
  • If you receive a Federal Direct Subsidized Loan that is disbursed between July 1, 2012 and July 1, 2014, you will be responsible for paying any interest that accrues during your grace period. If you choose not to pay the interest that accrues during your grace period, then the interest will be added to your principal balance.

Students Applying for Graduation or Previous Borrowers

All students who have attended Seattle Central College and borrowed a Stafford Loan through the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) or Direct Loan (DL) program(s) are required to complete an Exit Counseling session before, or at the time, you complete your studies at Seattle Central. Complete the Stafford Loan Exit Counseling online:

Exit Counseling notices will be sent to:

  • Students who have applied for graduation at Seattle Central
  • Students who have completed fewer than 6 credits at the end of a quarter
  • Students who have registered for less than 6 credits for the following quarter

 Seattle Central does not participate in the Parent Plus Loan program or the Perkins Loan Program.

Non–Federal Private Loans

If you are interested in a Non–Federal Private Loan, we encourage you to do research on your own, at FASTChoice, and compare the various terms and conditions of the loans they offer so you can select a Non–Federal Private Loan that best suits your needs. Please note that Non–Federal Private Loans generally require you to have a steady source of income and good credit, or a co–borrower with a steady source of income and good credit.