Financial Aid Student Responsibilities

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) holds you accountable for meeting the minimum academic standards in an eligible program of study per federal and state financial aid regulations. SAP is reviewed before financial aid is awarded and is reviewed at the end of every quarter that aid is received (even if you did not receive financial aid in past quarters).

Definitions of Financial Aid Status

  • Warning Status: Students on warning are eligible for financial aid. A student placed on warning must successfully complete all registered courses, with a cumulative 2.0 GPA, in the following quarter while receiving financial aid. Failure to do so will result in financial aid ineligibility.
  • Ineligibility Status: Students will not be eligible to receive financial aid funds. Review "Earning Reinstatement" below for information on how to submit an appeal if you became ineligible due to exceptional circumstances.
  • Probation Status: Students on probation have had an Appeal for Financial Aid Reinstatement approved and are required to follow specified conditions to maintain good standing. Failure to meet these conditions during the probationary period will result in becoming ineligible for financial aid for all future quarters.
  • Pace of Progression: Refers to student's rate of progression toward completing his/her degree requirements at Seattle Central College. This pace is determined based upon reviewing the cumulative credits completed versus cumulative credits attempted each quarter.

1. SAP Requirements

To fulfill your SAP requirements:

  1. You must be enrolled in classes required for your program of study.
  2. You must be in good standing with the college and must maintain a minimum cumulative 2.00 grade point average (GPA).
  3. You must complete your program of study within a maximum time frame of 150 percent and 125 percent (state funds) of your degree program (pro–rated for part–time enrollment), includes transfer credits, and excluding up to 45 credits of developmental coursework.
  4. You must progress in your program of study at a pace that allows completion within the maximum time frame.
  5. You will be funded for one program of study. You must appeal any change of program and the Financial Aid Office must approve it.
  6. You must complete your courses on time.
  7. You must complete the appropriate number of credits based on your enrollment status as follows:
If you enroll You must complete at least
Full–time (12 Central ; 16 SVI) All credits (Central & SVI)
Three–quarters–time (9–11 credits) 9 credits per quarter (Central) ; 12 credits per quarter (SVI)
Half–time (6–8 credits) 6 credits per quarter (Central) ; 8 credits per quarter (SVI)
Less than half–time (1–5 credits) All credits

2. Warning or Probation Status

If you will be placed on Financial Aid Warning if you do not meet the following SAP requirements or the criteria for Financial Aid Ineligibility:

  • Students are expected to successfully complete the credits for which they enroll in each quarter. Students must earn a minimum of 50% of their attempted credits at the end of each quarter or their financial aid will be cancelled. Completion greater than 50%, but less than 100% will result in a warning status. After two consecutive quarter of less than 100% completion, students’ aid will be cancelled.
  • While on Warning or Probation Status, you are eligible to receive financial aid for that quarter.
  • During your warning/probationary quarter, you must meet ALL SAP CRITERIA as outlined under #1 of the SAP Policy.

3. Financial Aid Ineligibility

You will become ineligible for financial aid if:

  1. You complete fewer credits than required for satisfactory academic progress or warning status.
  2. You do not establish satisfactory academic progress while on warning/probation.
  3. You do not maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 after 67 percent of attempted credits for your program of study.
  4. The maximum number of credits has been used or your pace of progress does not allow you to complete within the maximum time frame for your program of study.
  5. More than two consecutive quarters of unsatisfactory progress have occurred.
  6. More than 45 credits of developmental courses are needed.

If you have already been offered financial aid and you are no longer eligible, your financial aid award will be canceled.

4. Academic Progress Review

SAP is reviewed prior to offering any financial aid. In addition, SAP is reviewed at the end of each quarter.

  1. Grades of 1.0 – 4.0 and "S" count as completed credits.
  2. Grades of "Y" count as completed credits only if assigned in accordance with district grading policy.
  3. Grades of less than 1.0 and letter grades of "I", "N", "NC", "*" and "W" do not count as completed credits.
  4. You may repeat a course in which you received an I, N, NC or W grade or a grade less than a 2.00 only once.

5. Re–establishing Financial Aid Eligibility

**All petitions are submitted to the Financial Aid Office** If you became ineligible for financial aid due to unsatisfactory academic progress, you may regain eligibility by:

  1. Registering for six or more credits at Seattle Central at your own expense; completing the appropriate number of credits based on your enrollment status (see chart, above); have a completion rate of 67 percent and having a 2.00 or greater cumulative GPA at the end of the quarter. Then submit a Reinstatement Petition for approval. Or
  2. Submitting and securing approval of your written, documented appeal for reinstatement. The appeal should be based on unusual or extraordinary circumstances beyond your control and include a plan for future success in your program of study.
  3. You may also be asked to submit a Credit Review/Academic Plan if needed to assess pace of progress in your program of study.

Petitions are reviewed by a committee of financial aid professionals.