Work Study

Seattle Central’s Work–Study program offer students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience while earning money for college, by integrating classroom learning with real world work experience. Our students are able to align their current course work with their future profession. Both on–campus and off–campus Work–Study positions are available.


Work-Study awards are considered self-help funds; therefore, they are not disbursed at the beginning of the quarter. Instead, Work-Study students earn their award by hours worked in each given quarter. Those funds are paid to the student(s) via direct deposit or paper check twice a month (aligning with Seattle Central’s payroll schedule). Work-Study students may use their Work-Study funds to help cover any educational expenses they may have. Such as: purchasing school supplies, transportation expenses, living expenses, childcare, etc.


The Financial Aid Office will determine a student(s) Work-Study eligibility after the completion of the financial aid application process. There are several factors taken into account when making that determination. If you are interested in participating in the Work-Study program and did not receive a Work-Study award, please contact the Work-Study Coordinator at:, for more information.