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Work-Study is a form of financial aid; paid out of the Federal or State Work-Study budget. Qualifying students work an approved job on or off-campus, which helps students pay for whatever educational expense they may have. Work-Study contributes to the economic growth by creating jobs, while adding experienced, highly skilled college graduates to the workforce.


Work-Study awards are considered self-help funds; therefore, they are not disbursed at the beginning of the quarter. Instead, Work-Study students earn their award by hours worked in each given quarter. Those funds are paid to the student(s) via direct deposit or paper check twice a month (aligning with Seattle Central’s payroll schedule). Work-Study students may use their Work-Study funds to help cover any educational expenses they may have. Such as: purchasing school supplies, transportation expenses, living expenses, childcare, etc.


The Work-Study Specialist will determine a student(s) Work-Study eligibility after reviewing a completed Application for Work-Study.

Please view the Work-Study PowerPoint Overview and/or contact the Work-Study Specialist:

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