Instructional Assessment Committee

The Instructional Assessment Committee (IAC) is a standing faculty committee that serves at the request of the Vice President for Instruction. Composed of faculty members and consulting administrators, this committee encourages faculty to foster curriculum development in program planning and maintenance of professional including workforce academic standards, primarily through the development, assessment improvement of student learning outcomes at the course, program, and college-wide levels.

The Instructional Assessment Committee (IAC) helps programs prepare for their upcoming program reviews by carrying out Assessment Reviews. One year prior to meeting with the Program Review Committee, each program meets with an IAC team to review their course level and program level learning outcomes and their alignment with the college-wide learning outcomes. In addition, the IAC reviews and provides feedback on the program's plans for assessing student achievement of the learning outcomes, validating current assessment strategies, tools and results, and recommending improvements and resources when needed.

Instructional Assessment Committee Goals:

  • Support faculty in developing and maintaining quality curriculum
  • Support effective assessment of student learning outcomes at the course, program, and college-wide levels
  • Foster a culture of using evidence to promote improvement in assessment strategies and ensuring student learning.

The Instructional Assessment Committee will:

  • Carry out Assessment Reviews to help faculty with the instructional assessment work needed for their upcoming program review by
  • Reviewing existing program level and course level learning outcomes (PLOs and CLOs) to ensure they are clearly articulated and measurable
  • Training faculty to improve and update PLOs and CLO
  • Helping faculty align CLOs with the appropriate PLOs and college-wide learning outcomes (CWOs)
  • Consulting with program faculty in current assessment tools and results, in order to suggest improvement of existing tools and to define clear criteria for achievement of student learning outcomes.
  • Collaborating with faculty to help programs offer high quality courses

The Instructional Assessment Committee will foster a culture of continuous improvement by:

  • Educating faculty on a variety of instructional assessment strategies and promoting professional development opportunities for effective instructional assessment practice both internally and in collaboration with district-wide Faculty Development program.
  • Promoting the on-going cycle of instructional assessment activities.
  • Working with faculty to develop a sustainable, valid, and reliable practice of data collection, analysis, and reporting.
  • Encouraging faculty to use data on student learning to inform curriculum development and revision.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional team on campus to foster program and/or college-wide assessment.

Instructional Assessment Committee Membership

Faculty representatives from each academic division are recommended by the Dean or administrator. IAC members serve a three-year term.

The IAC serves as an advisory body for larger curriculum issues, responding to initiatives such as revision of the A.A. and A.S. degrees, the development of new degree emphases, and any required update to the existing instructional assessment program.

Members of the Instructional Assessment committee contribute their insight, knowledge, and common sense to the curriculum process. They provide training, support, and feedback regarding the revision and editing of student learning outcomes and the effective assessment of those outcomes to help maintain the standards of excellence and diversity at Seattle Central College.

A balance of representatives from each instructional division encourages wide participation, provides opportunities for communication and collaboration across disciplines, and ensures that division's needs are addressed by the instructional assessment process. In addition to attending scheduled meetings, IAC members review course and program information.

Committee members assist faculty in all college programs related to instructional assessment. They help faculty update student learning outcomes related to existing and future curricula. They will also review instructional assessment plans and results, providing feedback to programs. Each IAC member serves on 1-2 Assessment Reviews each quarter, providing feedback to programs on their learning outcomes and assessment plans to help them prepare for their upcoming program review.

2019 – 2020 IAC Members

  • Chair - Emily Castillo
  • Counseling (1) - vacant
  • Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences (2 - 3)
    1. Arts & Creative Academy - Bliss Holloway
    2. Humanities - Mary Lockman
    3. Social Sciences - Shaan Shahabuddin; Charles Jeffreys
  • Healthcare and Human Services (2)
    1. Behavioral and Human Services - vacant
    2. Allied Health - vacant
  • STEM-B (2 - 3)
    1. Science - Josh Whorley
    2. Math - 
    3. Business/IT - Michael O'Neill, Steve Conger, Marlene Palazzo
  • Library - vacant
  • eLearning - Yun Moh
  • Basic and Transitional Studies - Denise Vaughn
  • Workforce Programs (1) (Maritime, Culinary, and Wood Technology) - vacant
  • Institute of English - Brendan Manley and Richard West
  • Non-Instructional Academic Support (Advising/College Transfer; Student Leadership) - Richard West

Instructional Assessment Review Schedule & Required Documents

  • Deadlines and due dates for the current and next academic year Instructional Assessment Review. Timeline for School year 2019-2020.
2019 - 2020 Program Review Schedule

Wed 3:00-4:30 pm

(3 weeks prior)

IAC Review Team
English FALL 5 Thu. 2019/10/17 27-Sep  
Medical Assistant WINTER 7 Mon. 2020/2/17 23-Jan  
Dental Hygiene WINTER 8 Mon. 2020/2/24 30-Jan  
Information Technology SPRING 5 Thu. 2020/4/30 10-Apr  

Visual Media   (former:Commercial Photography)

SPRING 7 Mon. 2020/5/11 24-Apr  
Social and Human Services SPRING 8 Mon. 2020/5/22 1-May  
Applied Behavioral Science SPRING 8 Mon. 20202/5/22 1-May  
  • For a list of documentation required of each program during their review, see Instructions and Documentation.
  • Instructional Assessment Review is a 5 year cycle. To see when your program’s next Instructional Assessment Review will be, see the Five Year Schedule.
Instructional Assessment Schedule (Tentative)
2019 English 2020 Applied Behavioral Science 2020 Information Technology
Fall Dental Hygiene Winter Library Instruction Spring Institute of English
  Social and Human Services   SVI-Medical Assistant    
2020 Community Health & Education (CHED) 2021 Business Administration 2021 PACE (PHSY, MATH, COMP SCI, ENG)
Fall Counseling (HDC courses) Winter Graphic Design and Administration Spring Child and Family Services (new)
  Communications   SVI-Computer Support Technician (new   World Languages
2021 Applications Support 2022 Correspondence Courses 2022 Earth and Env. Science
Fall Maritime Academy Winter Parent Education (new) Spring Apparel Design
  Adult Basic Education/GED   Nursing   Respiratory Care
2022 English as a Second Language 2023 Chemistry 2023 Sociology
Fall Social Sciences (PSYH, ANTH, HIST, GEO, POLI SCI) Winter Biology, Botany, A & P Spring Fine & Performing Arts
  Surgical Technology   Service-Learning/Coop Ed   Wood Construction
2023 SVI-Dental Assistant (new) 2024 SVI-Pre Apprentice Training (PACT) (new) 2024 Math
Fall Business Technology Management Winter Culinary Arts Spring English
  Philosophy   Humanities   Dental Hygiene

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