Ensure Learning Committee

The Ensure Learning Committee is a standing faculty committee that serves at the request of the Vice President for Instruction. The committee oversees Ensure Learning, Seattle Central College's process for documenting and reflecting on student learning.

Ensure Learning Committee Goals

  • Support faculty in developing and maintaining quality curriculum
  • Support effective assessment of student learning outcomes at the course, program, and college-wide levels
  • Foster a culture of using evidence to promote improvement in assessment strategies and ensuring student learning.

The Ensure Learning Committee will foster a culture of continuous improvement by

  • Promoting faculty engagement in Ensure Learning, Seattle Central's process for documenting and reflecting on the results of student learning outcomes assessments
  • Facilitating faculty discussions about our shared learning outcomes
  • Educating faculty on a variety of instructional assessment strategies and promoting professional development opportunities for effective instructional assessment practice both internally and in collaboration with district-wide Faculty Development program
  • Encouraging faculty to use data on student learning to inform curriculum development and revision

Important Links

  • Learn more about Ensure Learning and submit Ensure Learning Plans and Reports at the Ensure Learning Sharepoint Site (seattlecolleges login required)
  • The Ensure Learning Dashboard contains assessment results for College-Wide Learning Outcomes and Program Learning Outcomes 
  • View Program Review and Instructional Assessment Reports here