Campus Civic Engagement

Statement from the President

The Seattle Central College Mission is and continues to be the guiding principle for all of us as we work for educational excellence in a multicultural urban environment that provides opportunities for academic achievement, workplace preparation and service to the community.

Reflected in our Core Values, which strengthen the mission of the college, is the commitment to create a learning environment that is: accessible in providing a safe, healthy and barrier–free campus with learning opportunities to students from varied backgrounds and circumstances; diverse in our valuing of different cultures, races, lifestyles and learning styles; responsive in promoting programs to reflect and anticipate community needs and an international focus in curricula and services; and innovative as we practice a holistic model of student growth and learning.

Seattle Central College is deeply invested in the educational foundations that support equity, social justice and student success. The Strategic Direction 3 in the 2016–2020 Strategic Plan frames our actions to eliminate institutional racism and achieve equity and diversity. In this, we are committed to an inclusive, welcoming and safe teaching and learning environment that honors diverse perspectives and ways of knowing for all of our students and staff.

It is essential that we recognize when and where we have choices and power in our daily lives. For the betterment of our society and our world, we can choose to work together with compassion, kindness, and community. It will take courage, critical reflection and honesty to foster difficult dialogues, strengthen our educational services and act with commitment to equity and diversity.

The ongoing compilation and dissemination of resources available on this website will support a healthy, dynamic, engaged campus climate. We value an environment of civil discourse and actions that is framed by the dignity and uniqueness of every person and the respect of a multiplicity of beliefs, opinions and world views.

Bradley Lane, Ph.D. 
Interim President

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To report a bias or hate related incident, please contact the Public Safety Department.

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