Seattle Central College Operational Plan

The  2018–2020 Operational Plan (pdf) is the product of a process to envision the direction of the Seattle Colleges over the next two years. It is linked to the college's 2017-2023 strategic plan.

Using an approach that sought to build common purpose and shared understanding across all areas of Seattle Central, the campus community of faculty, staff and administrators developed this plan with three main purposes:

  • Create clear strategic directions and priorities for all college functions.
  • Provide goals and objectives that help us fulfill our mission, as specified by the Core Themes.
  • Ensure close alignment with the Seattle Colleges District Strategic Plan.

The plan will serve as a living document that provides a college–wide framework for making decisions about resource allocation and program planning.

Goals, Strategies and Tactics

Student Success

Implement Structured Academic and Career Pathways

  1. Create a set of clear pathways to support and guide students through the educational process.
    • Build opportunities for collaboration between instruction and student services to improve the overall student experience.
    • Provide holistic student-focused services, from inquiry to completion.
    • Provide multiple entry points for degree programs and certificates.
  2. Engage students in a comprehensive learning experience that extends beyond the classroom.
    • Bridge instruction with opportunities for career exploration and preparation.
    • Increase awareness and participation in cocurricular activities that support and complement learning.

Practice Strategic Enrollment Management

  1. Strengthen and create structures, systems,and policies that support robust enrollment.
    • Implement a strategic enrollment management plan that applies research-based strategies to achieve enrollment goals.
    • Market Seattle Central College as a destination for unique learning and cultural opportunities.
    • Design alternate scheduling and offer instructional modes to maximize enrollment.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Develop and Implement a Diversity Action Plan

  1. Address institutional racism and achieve equity and inclusion in order to recruit and retain students and employees who reflect the rich diversity in the community that Seattle Central serves.
    • Reach out to underrepresented student populations in order to recruit, retain, and support these students through the educational process.
    • Standardize an anti-racist, anti-biased search and hiring process to build a diverse workforce.
    • Encourage the development of an inclusive working environment in order to support and retain employees.
  2. Create an educational environment that is framed by diversity, equity, and inclusion.
    • Deliver diverse educational resources and services focused on equity and inclusion.
    • Promote culturally responsive pedagogy and services by increasing opportunities for professional development in these areas.
    • Reinforce a culture that supports anti-biased, anti-racist curriculum and pedagogy.

Organizational Excellence

Enhance Teaching and Learning

  1. Respond to the needs of students and the community with high-quality innovative instruction.
    • Increase opportunities for accelerated, integrated, and contextualized learning.
    • Align technology and facilities to support instruction goals and student learning needs.
    • Revitalize curriculum and course offerings to provide vibrant and responsive programs.
  2. Engage students and employees at all levels and at all locations in developing the organization, programs, and resources.
    • Define, practice, and support opportunities for students and employees to participate in college governance.
    • Provide professional development that aligns with strategic priorities and supports engaged employees.
    • Increase student participation in student leadership and college activities.
    • Regularly share, recognize, and encourage employee service and excellence.

Achieve System Integration

  1. Collaborate and coordinate strategically districtwide.
    • Enhance educational opportunities for students.
    • Increase/expand opportunities for collaboration among employees.

Foster Sustainability

  1. Broaden and diversify revenue sources to sustain the financial health of the college.
    • Generate revenue from available resources and capacity.
    • Expand Seattle Colleges Foundation support to the college’s long-term financial health.
  2. Adopt a stable multiyear financial planning and budget allocation model.
    • Build understanding of the budget among all college stakeholders.
    • Ensure that those with budget responsibilities are prepared to manage the college’s resources effectively.
    • Establish consistency, clarity, and transparency in the budget allocation process.
  3. Provide learning environments that are safe, welcoming, functional, and sustainable.
    • Develop and implement a plan for mission-driven and visually welcoming facilities.
    • Adopt and promote sustainability practices as a responsible steward of resources and a member of the larger community.
    • Establish and document systems, procedures, and training for safety and security.


Build High-Quality Partnerships

  1. Deepen partnerships to expand access to educational opportunities.
    • Strengthen strategic partnerships with educational providers, community organizations, industry, and employers.
    • Seek support from partnerships to enhance outreach, marketing, recruitment, and scholarship efforts for special populations.