Strategic Plan

The  2016–2020 preliminary Strategic Plan (pdf) is the product of a year–long process to envision the direction of Seattle Central College over the next four years.

Using an approach that sought to build common purpose and shared understanding across all areas of Seattle Central, the campus community of faculty, staff and administrators developed this plan with three main purposes:

  • Create clear strategic directions and priorities for all college functions
  • Provide goals and objectives that help us fulfill our mission, as specified by the Core Themes
  • Ensure close alignment with the Seattle Colleges District Strategic Plan

The resulting plan will serve as a living document that provides a college–wide framework for making decisions about resource allocation and program planning.


Throughout the 2015–16 Academic Year, Seattle Central College used a transparent strategic plan development process. The  College Council Strategic Planning Workgroup (pdf) worked directly with divisions and departments to provide opportunities to view strategic planning data, hear about the process and contribute their thoughts about what the new Strategic Plan should look like.

Information to inform planning – posters

  1. Seattle Area Demographics and Jobs (pdf)
  2. Seattle Central Demographics (pdf)
  3. Seattle Central Outcomes – Retention, Completion and Transfer (pdf)
  4. Student Achievement Initiative (pdf)
  5. Facilities (pdf)
  6. Allocation Model (pdf)

Listening session insights

  1. Vision (docx)
  2. Core Theme 1 – Responsive Teaching and Learning (xlsx)
  3. Core Theme 2 – Catalyst for Opportunities and Success (xlsx)
  4. Core Theme 3 – Diversity in Action (xlsx)
  5. Core Theme 4 – Communities Engagement (xlsx)