Councils, Committees & Taskforces

College Council

College Council is a participatory body that advises the President and President's Cabinet on important issues, including providing vital input to the annual budget process. It strives to be representative of the entire campus community, with membership that includes faculty, staff, students and administrators, who engage their respective constituencies to provide opportunities to contribute to policy formation, resource allocation, and other significant issues and processes.

Curriculum Coordinating Council

The Curriculum Coordinating Council (CCC+) is a representative body that gives voice to all faculty and exercises a major role in the policies, decisions, and processes related to curriculum and instruction at Seattle Central College.

Sustainability Council

We the Students, Faculty, and Staff of Seattle Central College, to further social, economic and environmental sustainability, which will in turn promote educational excellence in a multicultural urban environment, foster the enrichment of our internal community, increase community engagement and support for the college, and develop and sustain facilities that support a learning and working environment, do ordain and establish the Seattle Central College Sustainability Council.

Workforce Development Program Sustainability Task Force

The Workforce Development Program Sustainability Task Force was established in summer 2022 by Chair of the House College & Workforce Development Committee, Rep. Vandana Slatter and is co-chaired by Seattle Colleges Board of Trustee Chair Louise Chernin and Rep. Frank Chopp. The task force is examining sustainable funding solutions for four Seattle Central programs previously under consideration for closure as well as solutions for community college workforce programs statewide.