Curriculum Coordinating Council

The CCC+ is a representative body that gives voice to all faculty and exercises a major role in the policies, decisions, and processes related to curriculum and instruction at Seattle Central College. The core functions of the CCC+ are to:

  • Lead and coordinate all curriculum-related instructional planning and learning outcomes assessment with the goal to support and improve instructional programs.
  • Discuss and resolve curriculum-related issues that come up in standing committees or elsewhere.
  • Create inclusive, equitable, and systematic procedures for the development of new programs and degrees.
  • Review and endorse new programs.
  • Document, update, and share all curriculum policies.
  • Hear and give voice to faculty ideas and priorities about curriculum and instruction.

Access the Curriculum Coordinating Council Bylaws (pdf). The CCC+ will consist of the following members.

  • CCC+ Chair: Erin Steinke
  • 4 Standing Committee Chairs:
    • Alyssa Jocson-Porter (Co-Chair, Instructional Assessment and Program Review Committees)
    • Elaine Ong (Co-Chair, Instructional Assessment and Program Review Committees)
    • Joshua Whorley (Course Approval Committee)
    • Sharon Spence-Wilcox (Learning Community Committee)
  • 6 faculty representatives from the following mission areas:
    • Academic Transfer: Helena Ribeiro
    • Basic Skills and International Education Programs: Colleen Comidy
    • Professional Technical Education: Scott Mahoney
    • Counseling & Library: position open
    • Satellite Campuses: position open
    • Bachelor’s program representative: position open
  • Instructional Dean: Lynn Kanne
  • Representative from eLearning: Sanja Kadric
  • Representative from Student Services: Julie Randall
  • Representative from Associated Student Council: Bemi Hailu

The Vice President for Instruction and a member of Institutional Research/Institutional Effectiveness attend all CCC+ meetings but are not voting members.

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