New Student Checklist

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Becoming a Tiger

Welcome to Seattle Central College! Use the New Student Checklist for detailed steps with links and resources to help you start your educational journey with your best paw forward.

Create an account on Washington Community and Technical Colleges (CTC) site to make a profile
Use that profile to apply to Seattle Central College via Washington CTC site

Apply Today!

* If you're applying for Financial Aid, your program must be something other than undecided  
* If you're not sure what you want to study, choose AA-DTA (Associate of Arts Degree - Academic Transfer)  
* You may return to the Washington CTC site to check your application status  
* Expect your application to be processed within 5 business days after applying

Read the "Welcome to Seattle Central College!" email from Admissions

* You may need to check your spam folder

Record your ctcLink ID from the "Welcome" email

* This is your student ID number (A.K.A. EMPLID) that is assigned to you. It begins with a 1 or 2.

Complete the New Student Intake Survey (optional)

Click to Complete Intake Survey

* Central staff will send you tailored resources based on your responses

Use ctcLink ID to activate ctcLink (personal student) account

* Review and update your preferred name   
* Review and update your contact information (email, phone number, address)

Use ctcLink ID and password to create MySeattleColleges login and password

* ctcLink ID is your student ID number   
* MySeattleCollege is your student username   
* Both accounts will be used throughout your time at Central

Use MySeattleColleges login to access and familiarize yourself with Starfish

* Starfish is where you connect with student support (ie. schedule appointments with an advisor)

Use ctcLink ID and password to access and familiarize yourself with Canvas

* Canvas is where you find and interact with your classes (ie. materials from your instructor)

Save the student account reference guide for easy account access

Use the Secure Funding Checklist as a guide to funding sources and Financial Aid 

Click for Secure Funding Checklist

Financial Aid Office   

Complete placement (for most programs, you'll need English and Math placement)

Click Here for English Assessment

Click Here for Math Assessment

Register for your classes

* Search and enroll for classes in ctcLink account

Use MySeattleColleges login credentials to set-up and access college email

* All MySeattleColleges resources are in the last link in "Technical Tools" above

Meet with your advisor

* Schedule an Appointment | Starfish 
NOTE: You are highly encouraged to meet with an Advisor to determine program of study by the end of first quarter

Advising Office 

Note: To print this page, expand all boxes above and press control(or command) + p on your keyboard.

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