IT Services for Students

Information Technology Services is here for all your computing needs. We are your one–stop source for help with anything computer related. Below you will find information about Email and Student Technology Discounts.

Student Email

Students have access to email and other services both through Google and Microsoft systems.

Microsoft O365 Services

What is my email address? Your email address is your EAD name (usually firstname.lastname)

How do I get my EAD name? Choose the "Initialize" tab at Enter the SID and PIN and the desired password. The system will return your EAD login name Remember that name and the password you entered. To access O365 services, including email, use that EAD login name and password at

Google Mail & Google Apps

What is my email address? For new students, your Google email address is your Initial password is your full SID and you will change that on login. For returning students, your google mail address is unchanged. It remains your EdNet Login Password is the one you set there earlier.

What if I forgot my password? Please contact NEED if you need to reset your student email password. Since the transition to EAD, our Google Apps password reset tool no longer works. Google apps now supports password reset through a text message or alternative email address. If you still cannot access your Seattle Central Google Apps account, please call NEED.

Student Discounts

Journey Ed

JourneyEd offers discounts for faculty staff and students on a variety of software. Here is a list of the latest products available.


Dell also offers discounts on laptop and desktop computers and accessories. The login to see our discounts is For the ID number to purchase at the discount rates employees should call NEED (206.934.NEED or email Students may contact the student helpdesk in room BE 1105.


Microsoft Office Pro is available free to employees and students, through your EAD account. Login to with your EAD name and password. (initialization for that name and password is at

Some other software is available at discounted prices for student and employee home use through our Kivuto store: Follow the instructions below to access the discount site and check on currently available options.

  1. Check your EAD email account ( for a message from noreply@e– If you discarded that message, contact our helpdesk at 206.934.NEED or email
  2. The message will contain a very long URL. The site is trusted so you can click the link or (for security) copy and paste that into your web browser and go to the site. It is personalized just for you. Each person must use the URL sent in his/her own individual message from e– The URLs are customized for each person and cannot be shared.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete your registration.
  4. Go to and login to our Kivuto store. Faculty and staff must use their Exchange on the faculty–staff tab and students must use their Seattle Central Google mail on the student tab. Instructions for using student email accounts are found in the Student Accounts section.
  5. Go to and login to our Kivuto store. Login is your EAD name. You will see a list of available software and the costs for each.


Adobe Creative Cloud suite is available for faculty and staff to use at home. The agreement does not include student home use. Employees can obtain the software by logging in to the Kivuto site at You must first register as described in the Microsoft section.


Students and employees can access discounts for personal purchases at