IT Services for Students

Information Technology Services is here for all your computing needs. We are your one–stop source for help with anything computer related. Below you will find information about Email and Student Technology Discounts.

Student Email

Jump right to the login page for Office 365 email and software

Microsoft O365 Services - provided to enrolled students

Office365 provides email, a full suite of Microsoft software for your use (including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Calendar, and more), and OneDrive cloud storage space to store your student files. These are accessed by using your MySeattleColleges Login.  

To access E-mail and any other Office 365 software from the web, you will need your MySeattleColleges Login and password.

  1. In any browser, go to the Seattle Colleges Office365 site:
  2. Enter your MySeattleColleges Login and password, then click "Sign In".
  3. Explore all that Office365 has to offer!

What is my email address? Your email address is your MySeattleColleges Login name (usually firstname.lastname)

How do I get my MySeattleColleges Login name? Choose the "Reset" tab at Enter the ctcLink ID number (EMPLID) and ctcLink Password and your desired password. The system will return your MySeattleColleges Login name Remember that name and the password you entered. To access O365 services, including email, use that MySeattleColleges Login name and password at

Google Mail & Google Apps

Some faculty and courses may also require you to have a Google mail account. 

What is my email address? For new students, your Google email address is your MySeattleColleges Login Initial password is your full ctcLink ID (EMPLID) and you will change that on first login. For returning students, your google mail address is unchanged. 

What if I forgot my password? Google apps now supports password reset through a text message or alternative email address. If you still cannot access your Seattle Central Google Apps account, please contact us at the IT Help Desk: 

Student Discounts

All Seattle Colleges students are eligible for discounts on a variety of software and hardware products.  The Colleges do not directly sell these products -- below are several links to websites with higher education student discounts.

MSOffice iconMicrosoft Office - FREE to current students!

Microsoft Office Pro is available free to employees and students, through your MySeattleColleges Login. Login to with your MySeattleColleges Login and password. 

JourneyEd icon  Journey Ed - Discounted Software

JourneyEd offers discounts for faculty staff and students on a variety of software. Here is a list of the latest products available.

apple icon  Apple

Students and employees can access discounts for personal purchases at

Dell icon  Dell

Students can access discounts at You will use your MySeattleColleges Login to qualify. 

OnTheHub icon  OnTheHub

Students can also access additional software discounts through the OnTheHub online store:  Scroll  down and click the link to "find your school" to see your purchase options.