Student Complaint Process

There are numerous resources available to assist students in resolving problems or complaints that may arise in class or on campus. The Dean of Student Development is the designated campus complaints officer and is available to meet with students to discuss issues, devise problem–solving strategies, and if necessary, guide them through the formal complaints process. Make an appointment (206.934.3890) to meet for assistance, support and advice.

Please review pages 29-31 of the Student Handbook (pdf) for additional information.

The Seattle Colleges District has developed policies and procedures that are generally set forth in the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) chapter WAC 132F.122 (370.10.70) to be used for the processing and disposition of complaints about campus employees. These procedures are designed to respect the rights and dignity of both the complainant and the respondent in the resolution of the problem. Students' rights are carefully protected to ensure that they do not suffer retaliation from articulating a problem or filing a formal complaint.

Student complaints regarding grades received for course work can be filed using the informal or formal complaint procedure. A complaint by a student regarding grades should be referred to the appropriate Dean for an informal resolution. If the Dean cannot resolve the complaint, the student has the option of filing a formal complaint. A student may use the formal procedure only once the final grade has been received in a course, but that complaint may include any or all of the entire component of that final grade.

The Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) has authority to investigate student complaints against specific schools. WSAC may not be able to investigate every student complaint. Visit Washington Student Achievement Council Student Complaint Process for information regarding the WSAC complaint process.