TRIO-SSS: How to Apply


Meet at least one or more of the following:

Meet at least one of the above criteria and also be:

  • a US citizen or permanent resident
  • admitted and enrolled, or eligible to be enrolled, at Seattle Central College in the current or next academic term
  • in need of academic support

Application Process:

  1. Complete and submit the online eligibility application. Upon applying, TRIO staff will determine eligibility based on the eligibility criteria and spots available and contact you accordingly as program enrollment is not guaranteed.
  2. If eligible, TRIO staff will send you a Pre-Intake Questionnaire to complete online before the intake appointment. Once completed, we will be notified and then we will schedule your intake appointment.
    *If you are not eligible, TRIO staff will connect you to other campus resources.
  3. Complete the intake appointment with a TRIO advisor. During the intake appointment, you will learn more about TRIO services, talk about the participant agreement*, and answer any questions that you may have about TRIO.
    *Students who apply for TRIO-Student Support Services are expected to participate in program activities and advising.