Steps to Enroll and Funding

Your enrollment steps will be different if you are entering college level classes after receiving your high school diploma/GED or going into our Basic Studies programs. Follow the enrollment steps below based on your student type.

High School Graduate/GED

If you are entering college level classes directly from high school or already have your GED, complete the Washington State Higher Education Residency Affidavit and follow the enrollment steps below;

New Students
Returning Students

For more information, contact Admissions at 206-934-5646 or in room BE1104. If you need further assistance, contact the Undocumented Students Support Navigator at 206-934-4005 or in room BE1103.

ESL, ABE or completing HS Diploma/GED

If you are enrolling in English as a Second Language (ESL), Adult Basic Education (ABE) or completing your high school diploma or GED at Seattle Central, you will need to visit the Basic and Transitional Studies office to register for classes in room BE3122.

For more information, contact the BTS Transitions Center at 206-934-6947 or in room BE3135.

Other Funding Support

Undocumented students may be eligible for other funding resources through Washington State, Seattle Central College and other programs.

  • Seattle Central Foundation Scholarships
    Some scholarships and other funding are available to all student enrolled at Seattle Central, regardless of immigration status. 
  • Opportunity Grant
    Students enrolled in an approved professional or technical program may qualify for this funding. For more information, visit Workforce Services in room BE5166 or at 206-934-3854. 

Other Scholarships

The following organizations provide information about scholarship opportunities that do not require proof of immigration status. Visit the individual scholarship website for more information on specific requirements.

  • Beyond Dreaming – Washington State Scholarship List for Undocumented Students
  • MALDEF – Scholarship Resources Guide for the 2019-2020 Academic Year
  • Immigrants Rising – List of Undergraduate Scholarship