Undocumented Students Support Team

The Dreamers Taskforce was officially formed at Seattle Central in April of 2015. It has been the hard work of many students, staff, faculty and administrators to support undocumented students at Seattle Central. In 2018, the name of the Taskforce was changed to Undocumented Students Support Team to be inclusive of the diverse undocumented students at Seattle Central. Being mindful that not all students who are undocumented consider themselves Dreamers or would be eligible for the continuously proposed federal legislation, the Dream Act. 

The Undocumented Students Support Team works towards:

  • Information sharing of resources for undocumented students
  • Professional development and training for staff, faculty and administrators
  • Outreach and awareness both internally and externally, such as the campus web page
  • Stay current with federal and state policies that impact undocumented students
  • Help create a sense of belonging for our students to succeed at Seattle Central and beyond 

For more information, contact the Undocumented Students Support Team at, UndocTeam.Central@seattlecolleges.edu or visit BE 1103A.